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Mar 1: Small businesses borrow more, signaling growth (Reuters)

This is good news –

Feb 29: Adviser to Businesses Laments Changes to Bankruptcy Law (NYT)

To all businesses that sell on credit, read this article and reread this part: “You know that old saying, “Let the buyer beware”? I think it’s every businessman’s responsibility to know to whom he sells and offers credit. If I sell to you and you begin to pay very slowly — which often happens before […]

Feb 24: The New Normal: Less Small Business Credit (Forbes)

Interesting article.

Feb 6: Caution Still Advised in Managing Working Capital (TechJournal)

Good article on somewhat improved circumstances for business cash situation – here

Aug 2: Need Funds: What About Family and Friends? (Blog)

Good advice on obtaining capital from friends and family – click here for the article –

Jul 28: Tight Times Boost Business Credit Cards (WSJ)

Article on the usage of this most common form of finance –

Jul 11: The Check May or May Not Be in the Mail (CFO)

Update on commercial payment trends

Jul 12: Bankers: Credit Tightens For Small Firms (WSJ)

Not so good news

Jun 29: New Rules of Getting a Small Business Loan (Inc.)

Helpful tips – read it!

Jun 29: Take Control of Cash Flow (BusinessWeek)

Good tips on managing AR