Do I Qualify?

We partner with small, growing businesses and startups with the following characteristics:

Seedling and pile of coins photoWe Focus on Very Small Businesses

If you’ve been turned away by banks and larger factors, we may be able to help you. We focus on very small businesses with creditworthy customers and current receivables, and can help you achieve peace of mind about your cash flow so you can focus on developing your business.

Your business

  • Is based in the U.S. and wants to enhance its cash flow and accounts receivable function.
  • Operates as a Corporation, LLC or LLP and holds a valid business license.
  • Is in an industry other than construction.

Your customers

  • Are reliable businesses or government agencies.
  • Are not insurance companies or Medicare/Medicaid.

Your invoices to factor

  • Allow up to 60 day payment terms for their customers.
  • Are current.
  • Amount to a monthly volume of $25,000 or less to start.