How We Work

We provide capital by purchasing your current commercial receivables for immediate cash, as well as providing accounts receivable and customer credit services. FRF offers flexible terms, with no long-term contracts or monthly minimums.


puzzle pieces photoThe process is simple

Your first funding, including opening an account, will take up to 7 days. All transactions thereafter will take at most two days from when you send us your invoices to when you receive the proceeds in your account.

1. Open an account with us

  • First we’ll assess your needs and ensure a good fit.
  • Then we’ll perform due diligence on your company and your customers.
  • After 2-5 business days we’ll have an account established for you.

2. Send us the invoices you want to factor

  • Send us the invoices you want to sell and we’ll forward them onto your customers.
  • Or we can issue the invoice for you, saving you time and money.
  • We follow up with your customers periodically to make sure you get paid
  • In the process we learn about your customers paying habits.

3. Build your rainy day fund

  • Initially we may set aside 5% of your advance to a rainy day fund, that can be drawn from first in case a customer doesn’t pay their invoice.
  • This fund will build over time to 10% of your credit limit and be held in escrow.
  • When your company no longer needs factoring services, you get back the full balance in this account.

4. Get your cash advance

  • We’ll send you the proceeds of the sale using the most convenient method.
  • We retain 10%-30% of the value of each invoice until your customer pays.

5. Your customer pays the invoices

  • When the invoice is due, your customer pays us the owed amount as agreed.

6. Get your cash rebate

  • The portion of the invoice that was retained upon the original sale gets rebated to you now, minus the factoring fee.




FRF offers flexible terms and very competitive all-in costs to our clients, with no termination fees or monthly minimums.

No termination fees, No minimum volume or minimum service fees

You factor only those invoices that you want to factor so you can have maximum flexibility managing your cash flow.

Competitive factoring fees

We offer very competitive rates based on your industry, factoring volume and customers – call us for a free consultation and quote.

Low account setup fee

We charge a one-time account setup fee of $150 to defray some of the administrative costs of due diligence and account setup.

Low bank transfer costs

We use ACH transfers which cost $3 each and credit the funds to your account the next business day. We can use other methods also.